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Fresh Cream Cakes

Ferrero Rocher (with chocolate sponge)1Kg 1400.00
Ferrero Rocher (with white sponge)1 Kg1300.00
Red Velvet (with cream cheese frosting)1 Kg1000.00
Cheese Cake1 Kg 800.00
Mousse Cake1 Kg750.00
Chocolate Divine1 Kg1100.00
Rich Chocolate1 Kg950.00
Irish Coffee1 Kg950.00
White Forest1 Kg950.00
German Black Forest1 Kg1000.00
Black Forest1 Kg950.00
Choco Mocha1 Kg 1000.00
Fruit Ecstasy1 Kg 1000.00
Kiwi Delight1 Kg 950.00
Litchi Delight1 Kg 950.00
Blueberry1 Kg 950.00
Black Currant1 Kg 950.00
Pineapple1 Kg 950.00
Strawberry1 Kg 950.00
Mango1 Kg 950.00
Orange1 Kg 950.00
Butterscotch1 Kg 950.00
Key Lime Cake1 Kg 1000.00
Snickers Cake1 Kg 1300.00
Rum & Raisin1 Kg 1000.00
Munchies Menu: Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

Christmas is a time of hope and peace! Celebrate this time of year with our variety of cakes made especially for this festive season. You can also choose from an array of Christmas goodies like kal-kals, rum balls, neurios, cookies and sesame straws. And yes, we would appreciate orders to be placed in advance to help us cater to the rising demand.

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